ScallyWags4Pets Homemade Dog Bones & Pet Products
ScallyWags4Pets Homemade Dog Bones & Pet Products

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Welcome to ScallyWags4Pets!

X marks the spot where our love for animals & for all things nautical is intertwined.


Our homemade dog bones & pet products are just the treasures you've been searching for - made fresh & made locally, using wheat-free & gluten-free Brown Rice Flour & only human-grade ingredients.


All products have been Certified Laboratory Tested and Guaranteed Analysis provided for each. A Master Chef, as well, has been consulted on all recipes.


ScallyWags4Pets offers "7 Seas of Flavours", such as, Ahoy Peanut Butter, Banana & Oat Flavour Dog Bones; Blimey Bacon Flavour Dog Bones; Crow's Nest Chicken Broth Flavour Dog Treats (for Cats, too); Landlubber Cheddar Cheese Flavour Dog Bones; Plunder Pumpkin Flavour Dog Bones; Shiver Me Timbers Better Breath Flavour Dog Bones; & Treasure Chest Tuna Flavour Dog Treats (for Cats, too); to tantalize your pet's taste buds. We've recently added 100% Beef Liver Treats, which may serve as tasty training rewards.

(See our About Us Page for health-benefit listings & our Products Page for prices.)


We've added (for Cats, too) to three of our products, because not only dogs, but cats also enjoy the Crow's Nest Chicken Broth Flavour Dog Treats, the Treasure Chest Tuna Flavour Dog Treats, & the Lighthouse Liver Treats, as well. They may like them all, but we're playing it safe since most cats are often finicky. Plunder Pumpkin Flavour Dog Bones soothe tender tummies & the Shiver Me Timbers Better Breath Flavour Dog Bones, containing parsley & mint, should help to solve those doggy breath odor "problems", since both herbs are perfect natural breath fresheners for dogs.


ScallyWats4Pets has included cake-like PUPCAKES to the line in both large & small sizes, suitable for most all dogs. They are designed for celebratory events, such as, birthdays, rescue days, adoption days, stressful vet visits, after surgeries, grooming days, being a 'very good dog' day, or any day you wish

to celebrate with your beloved companion.  

We can personalize, with edible food markers or note stixs, to mark the occasion.

Orders are welcome!


We wouldn't be surprised if our Pirate Wreath Treats for Parrotlets & Mid-size Birds have birds singing "Pirate Shanties" in praise. They are nutritionally made in wreath-shaped forms designed for hanging in bird cages with ease.


We have also remembered all Equine friends with 'Yo Ho Ho Horse Treats', a delicious & nutritious blend of horse-safe nuggets. They will have your horses nudging & neighing for more!


ScallyWags4Pets' bones & treats are basic 3-inch bone-shaped treats, with no fancy frostings or unique shapes. (They could be made all fancy, but does your pet really care about all that? And, don't you just want a safe & healthy treat your pet loves to eat?)


A great deal of research & thought went into developing our product-line to make it the best we can offer.

We decided,"basic is best", so ScallyWags4Pets' bones & treats are "basically" made with care & concern for the health of pets.


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908 Malott Lane

Kingsville, ON N9Y 3Y3

Phone: 519-733-8300



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ScallyWags4Pets presents NEW PRODUCT "Yo Ho Ho Horse Treats", a bite-size nugget of goodness, homemade with the same great care & concern as our other pet products, for the health of your horse!


ScallyWags4Pets is 'Goin' Green' with our new environmentally friendly packaging - Paper Sacks!!

Contact us at 519-733-8300 to purchase your bones & treats!




Browse all the items currently offered. Great flavours, perfect for gifts for your furry or feathered friends. Someone getting a new puppy or kitten?

How FUN!!!

Celebrate the happiness by having us put together a great gift basket for the new family addition.


(Note: A few Piratey Music Selections are provided for your listening pleasure.)

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